Lawrence Gundabuka (Lawrence Wolfgang Beck)

Studies sculpture during seven years in Australia, England and Bulgaria. Has realized since 1964 sculptures and drawings in Greece, Bulgaria, Lebanon, New Papua Guinea, China, USSR, Mexico, Spain, Syria and Georgia. Founder of the first two international symposia of sculpture in Australia (1987- 1988) and of the first Georgian-Basque symposium, in France (1991). He directed the 250 mile long Bourke-Broken Hill sand stone monument to Fred Hollows in 1993. Directed the Cordoba symposium of sculpture “"An eulogy to the Great Umayyad Mosque"” in 2004.
His works can be found in collections of Spain, Mexico, Georgia, New Guinea, Japan, France and Nepal.

Creations :


Mural in the General Hospital of Roanne, France. Work interrupted by RAF on giant sculpture Welded Bloodhound Missiles.


Sculpture commission, in Rashana, Lebanon.


Research of Arabian, Greek and Bulgarian cultures - Damascus; Baalbek; Sofia.


Draws the aborigine culture of the North Coast, Bangalung, Ngagi tribes.


Seven individual expositions in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.


Study of the cultures of Kafe, Huli and Washkuk in New Guinea. Created a collection of 1.000 drawings there. Adopted by elders in Kafe tribe. Portrait of Yavier Herbert and Michael Somare.


Publishes History of the classical art of the tapestry. Sculpture for Uniting Curch, Killara, NSW. Portrait of Lionel Murphy, Minister of Justice, Australia


Wanambi, Mutidjula: 42 tons portal sculpture, Sydney.


Organizes a course of classical tapestry in the University of New South Wales.


Draws Chinese architecture in Beijing, Russian in Moscow, sculpts in Bulgaria.


Draws Mayan Indians and Tarahumaras and their architectures. Realizes a race of 50 miles over the mountains with the Indians Tarahumaras, Chichuahua, Mexico.


Creates a new bushwalking sport. Publishes short stories


January, 80 miles walk to Ayers Rock, 300 drawings, August, exposition of bronze sculptures, Coventry Galleries. Study of the influence of the medieval Bulgarian culture in Languedoc, France; architecture, music, language, popular art, with Camille Masson.


Maries Camille Masson in Sydney. Exhibition of drawings of Languedoc, in Sydney and Canberra. Lionel Murphy Academic Prize Sculpture.
Creates an architectural course that is adopted by three universities.


Works on establishing the Wondabyne symposium of sculpture.


Awarded Georgi Dimitrov medal by the Bulgarian Government.


Birth of daughter, Nadjongbila Bogdana. Bust of Dr. Lloyd Rees for Sydney Square.


Cultural exchange with China, drawings of architecture and people. Kunming; Guelin; Dazu; Le Shan; Yangtse Gorges; Beijing.


Lead the trek of artists to the base camp of Mt Everest. Exhibition in the Royal Nepalese Academy, Kathmandu. Chinese exhibition, with Camille Masson in Raya Gallery, Melbourne. Nepalese exhibition, Martin Place, Sydney; Bust of Dr. H. C. Coombes for A.N.U.


Director of the Central Station Sculpture exhibition for State Rail Authority.


Director of the 1st international symposium of sculpture Wondabyne, with 12 sculptors from Papua New Guinea, Nepal, France, Bulgaria and Australia.


Director of the 2nd international symposium of sculpture Wondabyne, in Kariong with 12 sculptors from Mexico, Burma, Georgia, Japan and Australia. Bust in bronze for State Rail Authority of Pat Johnson. Traveled Spain drawing. Sculpture in marble, of seven tons, for South Australia.


Birth of son, Zaragoza Bujara. Carves in rosewood, St.Aloysius, North Sydney, bust of Robert Tickner, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs.


Sculpture of a fig tree upside down, University of NSW, sculpture of 25 tons in basalt "Earth Mother and Zaragoza", Georgia, USSR. Five months drawing architecture and people of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, USSR.


Establishes first ever Basque-Georgian symposium of sculpture, Biarritz, France.
Birth of son Bidjigal.


"Penthesilea and her ambassadors on a state visit to the King of Troy". Bust of Fred Hollows.


Director of the international symposium of sculpture Broken Hill. Composition of stones for 250 miles for Fred Hollows with monument at Bourke. Participating sculptors from Tiwi Islands, Wilcannia, Georgia, Syria and Mexico.


Lived with Algonqian Indians, Quebec. Carves a granite menhir, Brittany, France. Exposition of sculptures in Paris, Gallery Schauer. Project with President François Mitterrand to erect
"Penthesilea and her ambassadors on a state visit to the king of Troy" on Charles de Gaulle bridge, Paris


EXHIBITION PARIS, Marbeau Cochin & Insead Galleries. Sculpts in Paris studio. Establishes UTS Studio, Sydney. Discovers 3 Arab churches of Poitiers, France


Exhibition sculptures, U.T.S. & A.B.C. Atrium, Sydney & Ric Le Plastriers House.


Exhibition of Olympic sculptures in Barcelona and France. Sculpts in Spain: "Pilgrimage to Casa de la Dulcinea", El Toboso.


Bust of Luis Serrano, Sculpting in Spain. Exhibition at Wirrima Gallery, Sydney.


Olympic sculpture exhibition, Parliament House, Sydney. Sculpts "Opera singer" and "Victory of Samothrace" in Spain.


Olympic sculpture exhibition, Syrian Cultural Centre, Paris. Becomes town sculptor, Arbúcies, Spain. Sculpture of "The Lady of the Waters" the world’s first sculpture under a river in Arbúcies, Spain, drawings of Catalan people and historical arquitecture.


Olympic bronzes at the town hall Fontainebleau, France. Exhibition Gallery Bruna, Barcelona


Completes 25 sculptures for Arbúcies. Sculptures "Ashtar for Ugarit" at the Symposium of sculptures Latakia, Syria. Realizes 500 Syrian architectural drawings. Wrote the book "Sculpture Symposium" edited by the Museum of Arbúcies.


Expositions at the Galeria d’Art of Girona, in the cultural center of Manlleu, in the Syrian cultural center in Paris, at the Gallery Contrast of Barcelona, at the Egypt cultural center of Madrid, at the Café Librería Almazen de Córdoba and at the dance school of the same city.


Director of the 1st symposium of sculpture of Cordoba, "An eulogy to the Great Umayyad Mosque", with sculptors of Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, France and Italy.


Participates international symposium of sculpture of Dubai; Draws architecture & people in Oman.


Exhibition at Valdepeñas, with participation of ballerina Hélvia Ruiz Díaz. Bust Ramon Puig, last shepherd St. Pere de Vilamayor.


Retrospective exposition at the St. Cugat architecture faculty with ballet by Hélvia Ruiz Díaz.


Barcelona university holds exposition and publishes his book with drawings.


Commences monumental creative collaboration with Peruvian genius Rocio Sanchez Egoavil; Draws Phoenician & Greek architecture, Tunis and Sicilia.


Participates in the international symposium of basalt sculpture of Sweida, Syria, with the work "Rocio as maenad dancing in bacchanalia".


Creation sculptures "The birth of Venus" in Barcelona. Project to gently land on end of an 8 km long fabulously shaped meteorite, calling it "found object".


Organizes bacchanalia festival with big heads in Barcelona; Project with Rocio and Harry Anagnostaras-Adams to create a sculpture symposium above the mines of Rio Tinto; Sculpture exposition with Rocio Egoavil at the Australian embassy, Madrid; Busts of poet Jose Luis Castillo Rocio Egoavil and Mexican architect Javier Callejo.

Collections :

Dr. Lloyd Rees - Reserve Bank - Bank of NSW - Members of the Ngagi Tribe NSW - National Gallery, Sofía - Lionel Murphy - Andrew Peacock - Peter Stutchbury - Madame Marie-France Geli - Australian High Commision, Ottawa - Broken Hill Gallery - Ric Le Plastrier - Milo Dunphy - Oheo Kentori - National Gallery of Nepal - Ang Pasang - Thea Astley- University of Technology - University of NSW - Australian National University - President Francoise Mitterand - Greg Burgess - Tom Bass - Pueblo de Arbúcies

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