Portrait of Lawrence Gundabuka  (1994/97)
( Lawrence Wolfgang Beck)
 Lawrence is a professional sculptor with talent and an excellent draftsman. He works in bronze, stone and ink over paper. Lawrence is inexhaustible, test of it is the great quantity of sculptures and expositions that has realized. He is totally dedicated to the work and keeps a daily discipline to advance in his abilities. His career as professional sculptor will be seen enriched with the period of studies in Paris, likewise his labor and creative abilities will benefit the australian culture.

The objective of his trip to Paris is to concentrate on his sculpturing and to develop more profoundly his creative capacity in a stimulant and supporting ambient. He is provided to continue working in the drawings of french gothic cathedrals with the finality of publishing them in form of a book.

Lawrence speaks various languages with fluency, including  French. He studied and traveled a lot in foreign countries. He has been in France before and has worked and exposed there. These were trips of self-financed studies, that have help him to mature as artist and to establish a lifestyle  and constant habit of an tireless creative work.

Lawrence Gundabuka has aborigine connections in his name and has a deep comprehension and love of the land that he 

shares  with other indigenous people of the world. He is a mature artist with many interests. His recent exposition over
"Olympic Girls" is based in ancient myths of the Amazon about of the force of the feminine spirit.

I know Lawrence by his labor since a long time, but know him personally for five years. He inspired me in his sculptures and in the liberty and power of his art. I am from Poland and have lived in Berlin, Cambridge and London, have traveled around Europe and America, Japan and the Pacific. In my travels I have visited precious places, have seen good and not so good labors, and have coincided with famous artists. In my studies over Art and Architecture of the century XX, that I will realize for my thesis in History of Architecture at the University of Cambridge, I have read a lot about of great artists. Speaking from my personal experience and as architect and professional educator I consider that Lawrence Gundabuka is a great artist of world class. Australia must be proud of him and permit him an indulging period of studies in Paris.

Lawrence Gundabuka is well qualified to receive his support and is capable of transforming the creative energy in a magnificent artistic collection of labor benefiting his sponsors and the australian culture.

Dr. Rena Czaplinska-Archer

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